“I fought because I understood, and could not bear to understand, that it was my destiny – unlike that of my father, whose fate it was to hear the roar of the crowd – to sit in the stands with most men and acclaim others. It was my fate, my destiny, my end, to be a fan.” A “fictional memoir,” A Fan’s Notes delves into the booze-soaked world of Frederick Exley – a mentally ill alcoholic and obsessive New York Giants fan (his hero? Frank Gifford). Simply a brilliant, totally original novel that has earned quite a cult following but definitely deserves a wider audience. Frank Gifford figures prominently as the “hero” in A Fan’s Notes. What would Ex, God rest his drunken soul, think of his hero now? Gifford has had more plastic surgery than Phyllis Diller, for god sakes. It’s not enough that he spewed forth some of the most boring commentary on Monday Night Football for years. Instead of fading away like a hero, this guy gets involved in scandal after scandal. Remember the image of him handing out cash at that sweatshop? Real class, my man! And then there he was caught with his pants down with some slut in one of those cheesy tabloids. I won’t even talk about Kathie Lee, shit . . .


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